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KRA Ends Nairobi Parking Fees Relief, Matatus Cry Foul

The increase has been vehemently opposed by matatu operators who argue that it puts immense strain on their business forcing them to pass on the cost to passengers through higher fares.

Matatu Cash Ban Looms as Safaricom, Banks Licensed to Provide Payment Platform

Matatus and boda boda riders at a busy terminus. 29 companies have been licensed to provide a cashless payment platform.

Cash is Still King in the Markets Despite Coronavirus Spread

One of the vendors at the market who sells vegetables said that she could not accept mobile money payments since buyers are conning her.

Coronavirus Forces Matatus to Embrace Cashless Economy

The service has already been deployed to more than 300 City Star Shuttle vehicles

How to Travel this Holiday Without Using Matatus

Twende is supposed to give travelers the option of choosing between a matatu or a private car.

Let’s create winning ecosystems for sustainable long term growth

For starters, let’s try to address the root cause of the problem. Whether in schools or hospitals, let’s not take the easy route home