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Kenya Should Tread Carefully on Trade Deal With the US

Even at basic level, trade between Kenya& the US is dismally low

Innovative Threats That Come With Fuliza

Many lend money for a month and some even just two weeks. Sukuma wiki business does not make money that fast

Banks should play their part, or else, step aside

It is that time of analysis that usually accompanies the release of Safaricom financial statements. Profit was made, a huge one at a time...

Let’s create winning ecosystems for sustainable long term growth

For starters, let’s try to address the root cause of the problem. Whether in schools or hospitals, let’s not take the easy route home

NSE should take the lead in helping small businesses to grow

The bourse can set up a fund where people can put money with a disclaimer that the returns will be nil for a period of time say three years, and may or may not succeed

Time for businesses to venture into Somalia

Though the country has long been associated with insecurity, recent developments are making it an attractive investment option

Uchumi should fight to stay afloat, grow

Though recent news about Uchumi have been all gloomy, there was a time when Uchumi was the go to place for any shopping.

Let’s improve our sugarcane production for sustainability

Instead of the government giving money to bail out factories, it may be viable to get them modern equipment from countries, who are leaders in the sugar industry

What’s the strategy on Somalia exit?

Let us not forget that Somali has taken us to the international court concerning our territory along the coastal areas. Sometimes, friendship can only go that far

Kenya should open arms for Japan

As the curtains fall on the Japan Africa conference, known as Tokyo International Conference on Africa Development (TICAD) it may be an appropriate time...