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You Can Turn that ‘Useless Degree’ into a Job Creation Tool

Why should one invest in a degree course costing hundreds of thousands of dollars and time for it to remain a decoration in the house?

TVET closing huge unemployment gap

The community is embracing technical skills training that has seen its students engaging more in entrepreneurship and present day hiring

80% of employed Kenyans to seek new jobs next year

New survey shows elections and a slow economy shrunk the Kenyan job market by 17 percent as companies undertook massive layoffs to stay afloat

Survival tips for freshly-employed graduates

You should live modestly, save your income and plan on your spending. It doesn’t make any sense living a lavish life that you cannot afford yet

Tips on getting a job straight from college

After graduation, you need to be smart to find a a job in this highly competitive labour market.

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Vaping, the act of inhaling vapour produced by an...

A Look at New Generation Ford Vehicle Models Trending in Kenya

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PrideInn Unveils New Identity

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