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Tips on getting a job straight from college

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Graduation day is a celebrated occasion where we find hopeful candidates full of hopes and dreams about their desired jobs. Fast forward to several months which might even mature to some years, walking in and out of interviews still jobless.

Many graduates have complained that there are no positions for inexperienced graduates in the job market. Some graduates have even lost hope and ventured into odd jobs such as market sweepers, construction workers and hawkers, while others stay at home contemplating what to do with their degrees, even for those who have post-graduate qualifications. The urban myth is than one must have connections in order to get a job.

Here are some tips on what you can do during your period of wait to keep yourself busy and avoid feeling wasted:

1. Register for certificate classes

This includes computer, secretarial or even foreign language courses. It is worthwhile to learn new skills and abilities, which in the long run will upgrade your curriculum vitae.

2. Send your CV everywhere

Don’t be stuck with the mentality of working in a specific organisation. This will block you from getting opportunities anywhere else. Apply for a job anywhere and everywhere.

3. Do not be job specific

Even though you might have a given job preference, you should look out for opportunities in other fields. There are those who studied business and practice journalism. A good example is Eric Omondi, who studied journalism in university but ventured into comedy.

4. Take up internships

Most internships just provide you with fare or no money at all. The greatest gift they offer is experience. It could happen that you get picke for a permanent job if you put your skills to test.

5. Start a side hustle

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Any a time, graduates complain of being broke due to lack of jobs in the market. Why not start a small business to give you some ‘bread’? This could end up being the start of something big.

6. Volunteer

As in internship, one gains experience through this.

8. Attend relevant events 

This will enable you network with people from across the country, better yet the world.

9. Find a hobby

In some occasions, it could help you make some money. For example, if your hobby is drawing, do a lot of it and sell your artwork.

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Abigael Tairo is a journalism and communications student at Daystar University on internship at Business Today. She is passionate about print media and loves writing human interest articles.You can reach her on email: [email protected]
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