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Gov’t Sounds Out Lenders For Additional Sh116.9bn to Boost COVID-19 Fight

World Bank has already availed Ksh5 billion to the government to boost this fight

Billions Hidden by Kenyans Find a Key Role in Corona War

CBK Governor Dr Patrick Njoroge said the money was gained from the mop-up of the old 1,000 shillings banknotes.

Only Businesses That Evolve With the Coronavirus Will Survive

Researchers in the UK have warned that countries needed strict lockdown measures

Slow Economy Pins Central Bank to The Wall

Monetary policy slashes base lending rate for the second month in a row

Kenyans Can’t Eat a Dying Economy, GDP and the SGR Mess

In desperation for numbers to make economic sense, the government had suspended the directive but it was being implemented nonetheless.

Millions of Kenyans Blacklisted by CRB Over Digital Loans Defaults

The report compiled by the think tank dubbed Customer Experience of Digital Credit in Kenya shows that more Kenyans are having their credit scores degraded over huge appetite for quick loans.