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HWPL Delivers a Peace Culture Through Clean-up Service

The LP project encourages participation in politics, law, the media, religion, women, youth and civil society.

Kindness Likely to Win You a Spouse

Kindness is a virtue most people look for in a long-term partner, a new study has revealed. The study conducted at Swansea University and published by the Journal of Personality attracted over 2,700 participants from across the world. While traits like physical attractiveness and financial prospects...

Kenya mulls direct flights to Jamaica

President Kenyatta says one sure way of deepening the partnership between Kenya and Jamaica is to encourage more trade and deepen commercial ties

Maasai traditional wedding remains a jewel

The Maasai community is renowned the world over for its culture. The Maasai culture is unique and very interesting and attracts many peoples, both locals and foreigners. While some cultural practices have become outdated the iconic Maasai traditional wedding ceremony is one elaborate and culturally...

Brand promise is reflected in people and machines

As every day passes there are fewer places to hide what a former American Vice President called ‘an inconvenient truth’. Al Gore was referring to climate change, but I’d like to put a fresh twist on his adage. It’s time we embraced the need...

Wealth inheritance: Con men prey on Luo widows

According to Mzee Ben Omollo, before it was abused, wife inheritance was viewed by members of the community as a way of developing families by producing children through whom the deceased can be remembered