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Chris Harrison has 31 years’ experience of building brands. Most of them spent in Africa. He leads the African operations of The Brand Inside, an international company that helps organisations to deliver their brands and strategies through their people. Email: [email protected]

2021 Priorities For Effective Managers

Now is a good time to review employee skill sets. Do we have the right people with the right skills in the right place? What new skills have 2020 experiences suggested we might need? Should we aspire to the moment when all teams and departments once again co-locate in our business premises. Or will some functions – technical, analytical, logistics, accounting, for example – be better continued remotely?

Brand promise is reflected in people and machines

As every day passes there are fewer places to hide what a former American Vice President called ‘an inconvenient truth’. Al Gore was referring...

Effective ways to get story tellers to talk straight

So much business communication is on email these days.  And so disruptive is that medium that I spend much of my time inside organisations...

Why it’s always lonely at the top and what you can...

Executive burnout: Businesses leader face challenges so powerful that a good number of them reckon that they can handle the pressure for less than two years

The human factor: Technology can’t work without people

Competent human staff members recognise and value customers as individuals. Technology sees us all in binary terms.

Onboarding; not induction: Welcome new staff members in style

Research and conventional wisdom suggest that employees get about 90 days to prove themselves in a new job and so employers must give them an accelerated start

Sex spies and sorcery

Is your corporate culture a hostage?