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Brighter Monday’s Parent Company ROAM Jobs Rebrands To The African Talent Company

African recruitment marketplaces ROAM Jobs have announced their new identity, coming together and rebranding as The African Talent Company under the leadership of Hilda Kabushenga Kragha. Backed by its shareholders Swiss Ringier AG and Australian SEEK Ltd., the company has now significantly expanded its...

Even With Jobs, Men Are More Promiscuous Than Women

Men are slightly happier with their employer but pose a slightly higher flight risk than women. This means they are more likely to leave their employer. According to the Kenya Employee Satisfaction Report 2021 by Brighter Monday, 43% of men are happy but 55%...

SMEs and Brighter Monday Sign Pact to Boost Recruitment of Top Talent

The collaboration will provide a framework for SFA and Brighter Monday Kenya to help strengthen SMEs recruitment efforts, empowering the enterprises to establish strong recruitment processes and attract qualified candidates to help their businesses flourish, especially during and after the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

IT Firms, Govt Offered Most New Jobs During Covid-19 – Report

The report explores job market trends in the country and offers forecasts.

Brighter Monday Unveils Employer Handbook on Crisis Management

This comes in the wake of the current COVID-19 pandemic, which has significantly affected business operations, especially at the workplace.

Bidco Ranked Among Best Employers in Kenya

Safaricom is the best company to work for, according to the BritghterMonday that evaluated employee satisfaction and happiness levels.