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Court ruling gives fresh twist to the battle for Karen land

Controversial City lawyer Guy Spencer Elms is the proverbial cat of nine lives when it comes to court cases. After getting out scot-free on the Anglo Leasing scandal even after being named in the Panama Papers, he has shockingly survived yet another case where...

Agnes Kagure Foundation to the rescue of Kibera fire victims

City-based organisation that empowers slum residents provides food and water in Mashimoni in Laini Saba

Kikuyu Council of Elders celebrates Agnes Kagure

Nairobi businesswoman feted for her efforts in empowering women and children in Kenya

Agnes Kagure: From house girl to deputy governor?

She operates by the FOCUS principle, which she translates to 'Follow One Course Until Successful'

Nairobi deputy governor race: Who’s the best of them all?

The four ladies boast different sets of skills but the suitable candidate must have the right mix of knowledge and experience to run the county government affairs

Sonko seeks feminine touch to fill vacant Deputy Governor position

Sonko proposes a female foursome including a televangelist, a business woman and two advocates as possible DG options.