Nairobi businesswoman Agnes Karuiki with Kikuyu women elders after the event. The council of elders feted for her contribution to women and children empowerment.

Business philanthropist and empowerment enthusiast Agnes Kagure Kariuki today honoured by the Kikuyu Council of Elders after she accepted the rare high-profile invitation from the group. During the occasion, the Kikuyu Council of Elders blessed the site of the proposed headquarters of the Kikuyu Council of Elders Association at Ruaka, next to Two Rivers complex, off the Northern By-Pass.

In a well attended ceremony that brought together the Kikuyu elite, professionals and interest groups from the community, Mrs Kagure’s role in empowering women and children was hailed as an important milestone in achieving parity in development and stimulating greater economic and social prosperity for all.

The Association’s Chairman, Mr Wachira Kiago, and the management team including James Nene, Eng. David Muthoga and Rev. Muga acknowledged the immense support that Mrs. Kagure has accorded to the Kikuyu Council of Elders, despite being based in Nairobi and urged many to emulate her style of leadership that is known more for actions than talks, as is very common.

“Giving back to the community is our supreme duty,” Mr Kiago said

Agnes Kagure, an insurance executive, has been considered a strong favourite for the Nairobi County Government Deputy Governor post but majority of her close friends and business associates are against her taking up the position. She has lately been seen to be keeping of city politics that had turned focus on her and the other three nominees to concentrate on her foundation and businesses.

The Kikuyu Council of Elders has played an important role over the years in shaping the region’s choice of political leaders and their public identification. Mrs Kagure’s quest for the DG position sparked political discussions revolving around her but she steered clear of politics.


“My single most important duty currently is to expand my empowerment drives so that every child, youth and woman is directly reached and that’s our call as leaders,” she said. “About political gestures of today, let’s empower first.”

Mrs Kagure, who was hailed as a natural leader, evasively responded after the day’s event, choosing not to engage in the political talk.


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