Kenya Breweries Limited (KBL) Shopper Manager Judy Nyatichi (Left) and International Premium Spirits Brand Manager Wanjiku Njonjo listens to music beats while sharing good moment during the launch of Smirnoff Battle of the Beats competition. Smirnoff Battle of the Beats is a nationwide DJ competition that aims to search the next biggest DJ in the country. The 12-week competition will see up and coming DJ prospects from across the country meet and battle it out on the decks each week to find the next big Kenyan entertainer.

Kenya Breweries Limited (KBL) has launched a new and exciting pop-culture DJs competition dubbed the Smirnoff Battle of the Beats.

The 12-week competition will see up and coming DJ prospects from across the country meet and battle it out on the decks each week to find the next big Kenyan entertainer.

Speaking at the launch event of the competition on Thursday, KBL Managing Director Jane Karuku, said the exciting new prospect was in line with the company’s commitment to continually engage with their consumers at their specific touch-points as they continue to provide consumer-led options for the evolving consumers.

“We are extremely proud to introduce the Smirnoff Battle of the Beats competition to Kenyans. The exciting new proposition leverages on the creative talent of Kenyan millennials and a booming entertainment industry. The competition is part of our broader agenda to create consumer led campaigns that address changing tastes and preference across a diverse category of consumers in the Kenyan market. We are confident the Kenyan entertainment scene will benefit massively from such talent-based initiatives that present options for Kenyans to maximize their talents and preferences through our vibrant Smirnoff brand,” said Mrs. Karuku.

The competition feeds into the larger Smirnoff Mix Experience, an ongoing cross-country sensitisation campaign to educating consumers on their perfect cocktails options including the Smirnoff cocktail jug serve.

KBL’s Head of Mainstream Spirits Ann-Joy Muhoro said: “The brand Smirnoff is founded on key pillars of Music, Art, Dance and Fashion, all cornerstones of a vibrant and creatively driven society. Today, Battle of the beats is a culmination of the research led insights that show more and more that Kenyans are increasingly investing in creative arts as lifestyle. Knowing this, Kenya breweries has provided a platform where our consumer can express themselves in this unique art form to enjoy and entertain Kenyans. We want to continue to connect with our consumers at their touchpoints and this competition is another supporting element for this.”

Ms Muhoro added that “Smirnoff stands for inclusive good times and together with our like-minded partners we want to ensure the best talent are headlining clubs and festivals, regardless of gender, and enable genuine, long-lasting change in the industry. Through our Smirnoff Battle of the Beats programme, we hope to further shine a spotlight on next generation DJs.”

The millennial consumers are still currently the dominant consumer category globally. This continues to influence KBL’s business direction to continue to make product offerings that are accessible and relevant to this market category. The DJs competition by extension is a new value proposition that the company feels will both resonate with the target audience and also push the envelope to capitalise on a booming entertainment industry in the country.

According to a Pricewaterhouse Coppers report, as of 2017 the Kenyan entertainment and media industry was worth Ksh 219 billion and is anticipated will rise to up to Ksh 330 billion by 2021. This highlights the huge investment currently seen and rationale corporates use to continue to invest in the industry for cross cutting economic benefits for the country.



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