Achol Atem
Achol Atem was born in Malakal, South Sudan, and her music style is a fusion of South Sudanese Afro, Congolese Afro and zouk. [ Photo / Courtesy ]

It was once claimed that music star Achol Atem was “the next big thing” in the South Sudan and Africa music industry. It was also said that she did not like the comparison. She said she was just a simple girl trying to unite South Sudan through music.

Well, listening to her song Sawa Sawa, you can now tell why these two claims exist.

She approaches her music in a style that is so rare, going with easily memorable tunes and a remarkably good groove, which seems to suggest she is influenced by the love for her nation that has the same musical school of thought.

The reason that Achol doesn’t like any comparisons is simple: she is simply down to earth singer. She wants to use her music to unite her country. She also uses music as therapy.

Her vocals are significantly superior to some upcoming singers.

On Sawa Sawa hit song, she utilizes her vocals in a manner that, oddly enough, brings to mind the best singers in Africa and the entire world.

When Achol is singing, you feel like she sings with her soul. It is an oddly endearing trait, the sort of vocal you would like to hear more.

As mentioned earlier, Sawa Sawa carries that heady groove as she executes the song pretty effectively. Placing her smoother vocals against that groove makes for a pretty groovy bit of music, and explains why she has had such a steady rise to fame.

Her music also tends to have a lot more to it in terms of the song writing – her songs come off as more of a message, and less of an anthem. Sawa Sawa song will always be on people’s minds. In the song, she simply preaches more peace and unity.

The song talks about togetherness and love. She tells her country men and women that South Sudan is one. People are one and must learn how to live together. It is a peace-making song.

No wonder, the song has been well received globally. Achol Atem, a South Sudanese Afro-artist, is based in Melbourne Australia and started music in 2011.

She was born in Malakal in South Sudan and her music style is a fusion of South Sudanese Afro, Congolese Afro, zouk, also inspired by Arabic sweet melodies from north Sudan.

Click here to listen and watch Sawa Sawa

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