Kenyans queue for birth and death certificate at the Civil Registration Department's ACK Bishops Plaza offices. Photo Credit: KNA

Nairobi Regional Civil Registration Office has automated all births and d****s applications and cascaded its services to Huduma centres in the city.

Speaking to KNA during an exclusive interview, the Regional Coordinator for Civil Registration Services Paul Mwangi Kagiri said the automation of registration of births and d****s has helped to decongest its head quarters at the ACK Bishops Garden Towers.

Kagiri said the automation of all business processes for registration information storage and transmission exercise, which commenced in June this year entails processing all applications for birth and d***h certificates online.

The coordinator recalled that since the inception of the National E*******n Management System (NEMIS) exercise early this year which made it mandatory for children joining primary school to have birth certificates, Nairobi County has issued over one million new birth certificates.

This exercise, the coordinator said, exposed the Civil Registration Department offices at the ACK Bishops Garden Towers offices to a lot of congestion.

Kagiri said that through the automation exercise, all records of births and d****s received from hospitals are first digitised ready for certification.

“After cascading services to all Huduma centres in the city of Nairobi, applicants with notification slips for births and d****s are now able to present them to our registration officers in respective Huduma centres for issuance of respective documents instead of congesting the headquarters,” said the coordinator.

He said rolling out the registration exercise to Huduma centres has helped applicants to minimise costs and the distance covered to travel to the Upper Hill registration of d****s and births hub.

“By rolling out the automated registration system, we have been able to quicken the pace of issuing these vital documents while at the same expediting to capture all pending applications for the same documents,” said Kagiri.

He further said the automation of registration services has helped to minimize the loss of vital records, hastened the process of sharing information between government agencies, streamlined record keeping, while facilitating customers to apply for birth and d***h certificates from any Civil registration point expeditiously.

This new system, Kagiri said, will enable applicants to apply for these vital documents personally instead of using brokers and middle men.

“This new system has removed brokers and middle men who con the public of their hard earned money while processing the documents for them”, said the coordinator.

Meanwhile, to avoid inconveniences, Kagiri urged the public to ensure that they register all births taking place and obtain notification slips to expedite the online registration exercise.

Story credit: Mutiso Mbithi/KNA


  1. How do I get a copy of the birth certificate of a man and his parents who do not live in Kenya so have no ID Number etc.


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