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BT memo

Foreigners Who Killed a Promising Kenyan Firm Must Pay For Their Sins

Spencon case illustrates the need for awareness amongst Kenyan workers on the recourse they have in case they encounter discrimination.

Here Cometh Kenyan CEO For Safaricom. Should We Be Worried?

The most successful company in the region - both in terms of profits and innovation - being led by one of our own is something to be proud of.

Betty Kyalo is Not Superhuman. Let Her Drink, Yell and Misbehave

In the video, the K24 weekend news presenter, a celebrity loved and hated in equal measure, is visibly drunk and spews epithets.

Super Rich Kenyans Who Are Not So Philanthropic!

When it comes to giving back to society and charity, the list of Kenyan billionaires, is almost always short.

Hold 4G for Now, Mr President, and Sort Most Urgent Things

Instead of outlining how the government plans to handle partial lockdown and annihilate the virus, he chose to talk about 4G network.

COVID-19: The Missing Links

The best alternative for those being released for self-quarantine should be mandatory quarantine in designated government facilities.

Dennis Itumbi Shot Himself in the Foot

A civil servant may have opinions about government and its leaders but being in government means you can't be blatant in your expression.

Time Raila stopped being a political enigma

Election seasons must be predictable so that the people and their chosen government can move on with the business of nation building
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