Medical Tourism: Dignitaries Admitted in Kenya Reveal Multi-Billion Opportunity

While Kenya's public health system is weighed down by corruption, inadequate funding, mismanagement and labour disputes - its private facilities seem to be fairing much better. Ensuring that the country's health facilities - both private and public - meet the highest international standards would open up a multi-billion shilling medical tourism industry in the country.

Covid-19 Vaccine: Why Kenya’s S*x Workers Should be First in Line

Kenya needs to consider the welfare of sex workers even as it rolls out Covid-19 vaccination in hospitals across the country. Not only did Covid-19 threaten their livelihoods but it also exposed them to poor health outcomes.

How UK Private Equity Could A***e DfID Merger

DfID has over the years been channeling UK taxpayers’ money for investment in Africa through its development fund, CDC Group.

Hotspots That Just Won’t Let Us Flatten the COVID-19 Curve

Staying at home alone is not enough because we will interact with family and friends around our homes

Time to Return Nairobi to The National Government

Since the two county government political regimes have failed miserably, we should consider appointing a neutral expert to run the capital city's affairs

Critical Issues that the Next Constitution Must Address

The BBI is expected to hand over its report to President Uhuru Kenyatta and ODM leader Raila Odinga in the coming days

Betrayal in the city: Mike Sonko screws up people who made...

The Nairobi Governor took every hustler and every struggling voter for a ride, then turned into an ambassador of the high and mighty at City Hall

Informal sector in better position to handle waste management

The informal recycling sector has employed many young people who know how to sort and filter valuable, recyclable waste

E-commerce to create 200,000 jobs

E-commerce in Kenya has experienced rapid growth in recent years. This provides a unique growth opportunity for local businesses and in turn to create...

Not-so-sweet consequences of underground sugar trade in Kenya

Kenya’s illicit sugar trade has impacts that stretch far beyond the agricultural sector