Okolea International chief executive officer Peter Muraya.

In a bid to tap into opportunities in Kenya’s lending industry, Okolea, is now rolling out more aggressive strategies to grow its market share in Kenya. The revolutionary online lending app is now connecting consumers with variety of online loans and investment opportunities.

Okolea International chief executive officer Peter Muraya says the online app is making it easier and faster for the technology savvy consumers to access e*******y money. It takes less than 10 minutes to register and receive the loan on the mobile phone.

Mr Muraya says Okolea app was also motivated by the rapid growth and uptake of internet and mobile phone-based services in Kenya. The growth of mobile money also makes disbursement of loans to borrowers wherever they are in Kenya possible in real time.

Okolea App presents lending services in a simple accessible way. A borrower needs to go Google play to download the Okolea app, register and borrow.

Okolea is an app that provides instant loans to through mobile phones and allows borrowers to increase their loan limits every time they repay their loans on time.



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