National Transport and Safety Authority Director General Francis Meja.

Molo Shuttle Sacco is among seven Public Service Vehicle (PSV) operators which have been banned for flouting various traffic laws.

In a statement, the National Transport and Service Authority (NTSA) Director General Francis Meja also announced it had revoked operator licences belonging to Nairobi Kiruline Services, Gakanago, New Lowland, Hannover Commercial Enterprise, Newlot and Peja Travellers.

The move comes amid increasing concern over a rise in the number of a*******s, which has seen the government issue an ultimatum to PSV operators to comply with the Michuki rules that, among others, provide for speed governors and safety belts.

NTSA says road f********s have increased by 10% this year compared to 2017. According to the latest statistics survey by the Authority, 2495 people had been k****d by October 21 compared to 2,225 who d**d the same period in 2017. Pedestrians lead the group with 948 having lost their lives while pedal cyclists are the least affected with 42 of them having succumbed as a result of road c*****s.

Early this month, a f***l road a******t Fort Ternan in Kericho county claimed 58 lives. The owner of the bus company, Bernard Shitiabayi and his fleet manager Cleophas Shimanyula have since been charged in court.



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