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Nakuru: Paedophile to Serve 320-Year Jail Sentence After Appeal Failed

Having pleaded guilty to the sexual offences on September 19, 2019, David Karega had been arrested and charged by a lower court.

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A paedophile from Nakuru will begin serving a 320-year jail sentence for blackmailing a string of vulnerable victims, defiling three, and sexually assaulting two others after his appeal failed.

Having pleaded guilty to the sexual offences on September 19, 2019, when he was arrested and charged by a lower court, David Karega was given a jail term of 100 years for each of the first three counts and the last two, a separate of ten years in jail each, but he was appealing in the high court, wanting the conviction overturned on the basis of severity.

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At a High Court in Nakuru, however, Justice Samwel Mohochi dismissed the claims by the child sexual abuse offender that the sentencing was too harsh, saying the court could not hear an appeal on the severity of a sentence.

“Applying the legal provision, the sentence imposed by the trial was not illegal because the 100 years imprisonment each in the first three counts and 10 years on the 4th and 5th counts to be served concurrently is the lesser severe sentence from life imprisonment,” said the Judge.

Further, after the court learnt that all Karega’s victims were children under seven years and that the paedophile also gave them alcohol before forcing them into carrying out depraved sexual and physical acts, the Judge also dismissed another claim of his that the courts had failed to consider his own age and additionally, that there were contradictions by the minors while testifying.

“The orgy of sexual violence and threats of physical harm against the children resulted in serious and permanent trauma scars for which they shall remain for the rest of their lives,” Justice Mosochi stated in the ruling.

The court also heard that Karega used to urinate in a bottle and forced the minors to drink before defiling them. Afterwards, while they were going to school, he would also threaten them that he would slit their throats if they dared to tell anybody.

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