Tony Gachoka. Even for those who switched to KTN to see what Tony Gachoka had to offer, they quickly reached for their remote controls.

Tony Gachoka’s debut as a talk show host on KTN on Wednesday night left some viewers disappointed, an indication that he might need to rethink his strategy if he is to win the battle with friend-now-turned-professional rival, Jeff Koinange.

KTN had marketed the new show, Point Blank, as a “brand new, innovative, thought provoking, intellectual tilted Kenyan news magazine and television program.”

Many anticipated a show that would finally win over those who have shunned watching television because programmes, including news bulletins, have become so predictable that they no longer excite.

It appears not many viewers can sit in front of their TVs listening to purely intellectual discussions on issues such as majimbo (the system of government that Kenya briefly operated under after independence in 1963) and whether or not William Ruto stands a chance of ascending to the presidency.

On his debut on Wednesday night, Tony Gachoka’s choice of guest was Prof Peter Kagwanja, who, though intellectually endowed, has never gained a following among many ordinary Kenyans. The topic of discussion was nationalism, politics and governance.

Jeff Koinange, like him or hate him, appears to have read the mood of his viewers perfectly well. Facing with a new threat from KTN, he once again fished out Moses Kuria to appear the JKL show to discuss the politics of development in Mt Kenya region and his presidential ambitions.

It was the second time in as many weeks Kuria was appearing on the show to discuss the same issues but it seems Jeff knew many listeners would be drawn to him and he staged the episode, which he dubbed Moses and the Burning Bush, with such drama that he brought not one but three fire extinguishers.

“Inside Kuria’s delicate ‘development’ insurgency… Tonight exclusively on #JKLive w/ @KoinangeJeff” is how Citizen TV marketed the show.

It does not take a genius to know which show between JKLive and Point Blank with T.G, one would have been attracted to.

Even for those who switched to KTN to see what Tony Gachoka had to offer, they quickly reached for their remote controls. Some even thought the good old KBC might have something better to offer.

“OK I thought TONNY Gachoka would be the show stopper. Now I think I settle for gang news…ama wanaitwa nani? Does KBC have anything?” lawyer and journalist Wahome Thuku posed.

However, it seems not all Kenyans are averse to intellectual discussions around issues affecting the country. Indeed, some say they enjoyed the show and see a great future in it.

It would appear then KTN and Tony Gachoka might as well establish a niche in the competitive TV talk show scene. Only time will tell.



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