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Too Hot for Kenyan TV? Why Miguna Strikes Fear in Media...

His no-holds-barred political commentary and staunch belief in the causes he supports made for great viewings, and ratings, as he takes on guests and interviewers alike.

Kenya Police Kíll Top Pakistani Journalist, Spark International Storm

According to Police, Sharif was reportedly shôt in the head after he and his driver allegedly breached a roadblock. They were driving from Magadi town to Nairobi before being flagged down at a roadblock manned by several officers. The Independent Police Oversight Authority (IPOA) is expected to address the matter, which immediately sent shockwaves across Pakistan.

Maina Kageni’s Many Money-Makers Outside Radio

The show attracts eye-watering advertising revenues owing to its popularity, mostly in urban areas. This has led to Kageni being one of the most well paid media personalities in the country, but he sees his radio work simply as his day job - enabling him to engage in various other ventures.

MultiChoice Enters Sh117 Million Prize Climate Change Partnership

MultiChoice partners with global environmental initiative The Earthshot Prize to find and spotlight ground-breaking solutions across Africa with the potential to repair the planet

TV Stations Hit as Advertisers Take Cash Elsewhere

TV advertising in Kenya stood at $98 million in 2021, up from $93 million in 2020. Internet advertising revenue, on the other hand, grew by a whopping $55 million to $144 million in 2021 up from $89 million a year earlier.

Mass Sacking At Standard Media Targets 200 Employees, Including Top Journalists

Standard Group has been struggling financially in the last five years, oscillating between losses and little profits, all blamed on management that has focused so much on expansion at the expense of viability of projects.

KRA TV: Taxman Launches TV Station

"The "KRA TV" platform will be hosted on the KRA website and drive a demand-based viewership. The station will host customized tax content that the public may consume at their convenience," KRA noted in a statement.

Kenyan Journalists Affected as BBC Cuts 400 Jobs

The BBC World Service will continue to operate in all the languages and countries where it is currently present, including the new languages added during its 2016 expansion, but some TV and radio programmes will stop as part of the new  strategy.

Two Key Reporters Dump Daily Nation, Lured By Greener Pastures

The Nation Media Group newsroom has lost two key reporters even as the leading media house dusts itself after a tough electioneering period. It is understood the two reporters – one each from political and business desks – have bolted out in search of greener pastures.

Suddenly, Kanze Dena Turns Into a State House Orphan

The media industry is closely watching the transition at the Presidential Strategic Communication Unit (PSCU) and the office of the State House Spokesperson currently held by Kanze Dena.