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Manage Children’s Pocket Money Using Co-op Prepaid Card

This financial solution is proving beneficial to parents, children and even teachers

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At a recent Parents’ Day meeting at a national boys’ school in Western Kenya, the boarding master narrated how cases of learners losing cash had increased at the institution. He revealed figures – in some cases upwards of Ksh10,000 – which left many parents shocked.

Yes, he said, a student lost Ksh12,000 in cash and reported the issue to the boarding master. “I didn’t know what to do or even say,” the boarding master said. “I was also shocked that a parent had given a child this amount of money. We understand that some parents love their children and will want to please them. But isn’t that too much?”

The school advises parents to deposit excess money with the class teacher who can regulate expenditure and also protect the money from getting lost. Some parents were skeptical because that, too, comes with its own share of risks.

All is not lost for parents, though. Co-operative Bank has provided a solution to this issue which is proving beneficial to both parents and learners and giving school administration the much-needed relief to focus on teaching.  The bank introduced the Co-op Prepaid Card, which students can use to shop at the school canteen. Using the prepaid card does not attract extra charges; it’s as good as paying cash.

“The only amount which is deducted from the card is the cost of the item that the student is purchasing,” says Co-op Bank about the product.

The Co-op Prepaid Card can be loaded from anywhere, anytime through M-Pesa, Mco-opCash or at Co-op Kwa Jirani Agent.

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In case the student needs cash, say, for bus fare on closing day, he or she can withdraw at the school canteen from a Co-op Kwa Jirani Agent, or any Co-op ATM outside the school.

The parent will receive an SMS every time the card is used, and can print mini-statements from the nearest Co-op ATM or Co-op Kwa Jirani Agent.  The card is open to everyone as you don’t need to have a Co-op account to apply for one.

To sign up visit a Co-op Branch with a copy of your ID and KRA PIN, a copy of the student’s ID or passport photo.

With Co-op Prepaid Card, cases of students losing cash will be eliminated. The card also cultivates money discipline among children unlike cash which encourages impulse spending.

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