mSwali founders James-&-Patrick
mSwali co-founders James Kabiru and Patrick Mungai say funding will enable the startup to expand within South Africa via a web app.

Kenyan e*******n-based trivia startup mSwali has raised a pre-seed funding round that will enable it to expand its mSwali Quiz MVP from a USSD app to a web app. Pre-seed funding stage typically refers to the period in which a company’s founders are first getting their operations off the ground.

Swali is a Kenyan mobile learning games developer which derives its name from two words, m for mobile and Swali, he Kiswahili word for question. The startup begun its operations in the year 2020 with its flagship game the mSwali Quiz which is currently available on USSD in Kenya (Dial *397# on Safaricom) & South Africa.

mSwali Quiz has questions that aid learning about African countries, the continent & the world as a whole. “mSwali is a platform that aims to promote the desire & curiosity to know more within the African a***t population, using mobile-based learning games that are fun, rewarding & easily accessible,” Mr Patrick Mungai, co-founder & CEO of the firm, said. “We believe knowledge is power & it enhances people’s overall well-being.”

“There are very few mobile-based learning games focused on the African a***t population, but we instead have a proliferation of hundreds of b*****g & g******g platforms across the continent. mSwali aims to counter this by enhancing learning among the a***t population through the educational games available on the platform,” says Mr Mungai.

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