Industrilization PS Dr. Francis O. Owino (centre) joined by KEBS National Standards Council Chair Eng. Bernard Ngore (Left) and Lt. Col. (Rtd) Bernard Njiraini during the launch.
Industrilization PS Dr. Francis O. Owino (centre) joined by KEBS National Standards Council Chair Eng. Bernard Ngore (Left) and Lt. Col. (Rtd) Bernard Njiraini during the launch. Photo/ KEBS

The Kenyan Bureau of Standards (KEBS) has unveiled a plan to enroll Kenyans in the fight against sale of substandard products and services in the market.

The quality watchdog has asked Kenyans to also play a role in ensuring that the goods and services sold in the country are of standard quality. For years it has been solely KEBS’ job to ensure that Kenyans are treated to goods and services of standard quality.

However, with the launch of this program dubbed ‘Wajibika na KEBS’, the company wants Kenyans to help them maintain the quality of goods and services in the market. This is basically asking Kenyans to help them do their jobs.

According to KEBS, the term Wajibika which translates to ‘accountable’ from Swahili means that everyone is accountable to each other.

Wajibika na KEBS initiative seeks to create an environment where both KEBS and the public are accountable to each other. Hence the sentiment ‘I am accountable to you, you are accountable to me'”, the company said in its presentation at the launch of the program.

Speaking during the launch, KEBS Managing Director Bernard Njiraini, said that the program was put in place to encourage collaboration between the quality watchdog and Kenyans in tackling the proliferation of substandard products in the country.

” We anticipate that Wajibika Na KEBS will usher a future of a more interactive KEBS and hopefully a more accountable public that values quality and embraces communal progress,” Njiraini added.

The company has called on Kenyans to report substandard products on sale through its various customer touch-points such as KEBS official App, emails, SMS and Toll-Free Number.

Under the Wajibika na KEBS program, members of the public can verify whether the S-Mark permit on a product is valid by sending the code underneath the S-Mark to 20023 (SM#Code) to get product manufacturing details.

One will immediately receive an SMS confirming the validity and details of the manufacturing permit. If the details are different, members of the public are encouraged to report to KEBS Toll-Free Number 1545 during official working hours 8.00 AM to 1.00 PM and 2.00 PM to 5.00 PM, Monday to Friday.
Individuals can also verify products using the KEBS Official App on Google Play and Apple App Store, or visit our offices countrywide.

Speaking during his maiden visit to the KEBS Headquarters and launch event, the Principal Secretary for Industrialization, Dr. Francis O. Owino lauded KEBS efforts to tackle trade in substandard products.

“The Wajibika Na KEBS program has come at a time when the government has prioritized the fight against illicit trade and is keen on the fight against substandard products. Cultivating a culture of quality, where everybody is accountable for ensuring that quality of products and services is maintained is key in promoting a vibrant economy and growth in the Country’s GDP,” said Dr. Owino.


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