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How Prison Cleaner Eric Kipkurui Made A Cool Ksh257 Million From Inmates Food

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It would have taken Eric Kipkurui Mutai approximately 1,000 years to amass wealth worth Ksh257 million under his salary of Ksh20,800. However, with the same salary and a few connections here and there, Mutai, who works as a cleaning supervisor for the Department of Correction Services, is a multimillionaire, something most Kenyans only dream of.

The High Court has frozen Mutai’s wealth, which includes parcels of land, cars and cash in bank accounts, that he has acquired through theft, according to the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC). Among the assets frozen include a house in Nairobi worth Ksh17.5 million and seven motor vehicles, all valued at Ksh30 million, with the most costly vehicle being Ksh6.8 million.

According to court documents filed by the EACC, Mutai acquired the wealth through a fictitious supply of food and ration to the Department of Corrections. To start with, he registered seven companies 2012 and 2016 which he used to get payments for the fictitious supplies. Among the companies include Unique Supplies, Homex Logistics enterprises and Hygienic Ventures.

According to EACC, Mr Mutai illegaly obtained S13 forms used in procurement by the Department of Corrections which formed the basis of payments made, as they were attached to the payment vouchers.

He was paid in 2016 and 2017 for the fictitious supplies made to seven prison facilities. He later withdrew the money and purchased the properties. “That it is, therefore, necessary to preserve the properties for a period of six months as allowed by the law pending conclusion of investigations and institution or recovery proceedings,” EACC said.

Mutai was ordered to surrender the cars to EACC within 10 days. The case will be mentioned on October 25.

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