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How NTV Journalist Fixed Quack Doctor

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The wheels of justice are slow to move sometimes at painstaking pace but finally fake doctor Mugo wa Wairimu is staring at time in prison if he fails to raise a Ksh1.4 million fine.

Remember this is a quack who was running an unlicensed clinic where he sedated his female patients and raped them. When the courts let him off the hook the first time after witnesses developed cold feet, he had the audacity to chide the reporter who exposed him- Evelyn Wambui- after she was sacked by Citizen TV.

On Wednesday this week, James Mugo Ndichu alias Mugo wa Wairimu was slapped with the Ksh1.4 million fine for running an unregistered medical clinic and in the event, he defaults he will be jailed for 11 years.

Nairobi Resident Magistrate Martha Nanzushi in her ruling found Mugo guilty of unlawfully operating an unregistered pharmacy and operating a medical lab without registration.

Mugo wa Wairimu first hit national headlines in September 2015 when he was exposed by Citizen TV for running Prestige Healthcare, an unlicensed clinic in Githurai Estate in Nairobi.

Mugo is not a registered as a doctor with the Kenya Medical Practitioners and Dentist Board.

The fake doctor was illegally operating as a gynaecologist in Nairobi with the clinic offering reproductive health services to hundreds of women in Githurai and Zimmerman, sometimes free of charge.

The investigation was fast-tracked by a video recorded by one of the employees at the clinic showing Mugo raping a sedated patient as she remained lifeless during the ordeal.

The employee grew suspicious of Mugo’s activities at the clinic after observing that their boss would lock himself up with the patients and send his employees away.

What followed was public outrage and an arrest but after being in and out of the courts, he was never convicted for his acts.

He was cut loose after witnesses shied away from the case.

Second Clinic

Bad habits in bad minds never die but in the same vein he also met his waterloo.

After escaping justice, Mugo wa Wairimu opened another clinic in Kayole in 2018 called Millan Health.

An exposé by NTV Investigations Editor Dennis Okari broadcasted in November 2018 laid bare how despite the public calling for his head for his sins the first time, he was still proceeding with his filthy acts with reckless abandon.

In one of the scenes in the piece, Mugo was seen receiving a call from a patient with an emergency and diagnosing her via phone despite being high after he injected himself with an unspecified drug to a near stupor.

In another scene he could be seen guiding an unqualified employee on how to conduct an abortion on a girl in an unhygienic and filthy environment.

After the investigation was broadcasted, Mugo went into hiding but was finally arrested by flying squad officers in Gachie, Kiambu County on November 13, two weeks after he went into hiding and has been in police custody ever since.

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Peter Micheni

Just 1.4M? That’s rediculous, he should have been fined to the tune of 20M. Alale ndani!