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How Mobile Phones Have Helped the African Betting Market Grow

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Betting is popular across many different countries in Africa, and that includes Nigeria. We see different companies, both those targeted at Africa and worldwide bigger names, offering their sports betting to players in the region.

However, there is a valuable piece of kit that acts as the link between players and the world of betting: a mobile phone.

With computers not easy to come by for some families in their home, what would be seen to be the traditional way of betting, via a desktop, is not really open to that many.

The new, state of the art way, is to bet via mobile, something that makes it far more accessible to people in Nigeria and Africa as a whole. It is no surprise to see that as the options for mobile betting have increased for players, the African betting market as a whole has taken great strides forward.

The Rise of Mobile Betting

Around the world we are seeing a rise in mobile betting. This is simply because it has become the most convenient way to bet for the majority of people, and we love convenience.

There are many reasons why people use a betting app, but for some, it is because they have no other option. Even if people do have a computer at home, they may want to bet while at work, or out with friends and that isn’t possible.

With mobile betting, when you have your phone and a connection to the internet, you have a bookmaker in your pocket, and can go anywhere with them by your side. Regardless of each individual reason, the fact is that mobile betting is on the rise and seemingly only set to grow further.

How Bookmakers are Targeting the African Market

We are seeing two types of bookmakers really target the African market. The first are those who are local and offer their services in Africa, while the second are worldwide brands, who offer their services to pretty much every corner of the globe.

Both are putting time and effort into African sports, competitions, and leagues, all in a bid to gain more custom from the region. Anyone keeping up with the latest sports news in any part of Africa will be able to use their local knowledge when betting with a bookmaker.

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People enjoy betting on the big game and events around the world, but they also like to look locally and bet on things which are happening close by. This is what bookmakers are currently targeting for African players, and it seems to be working.

What Does the Future Hold?

As the doors to the African betting industry continue to be unlocked, look out for more offers to come from the bookmakers. They will include things such as allowing you to place a bet without placing a bet without risk as your first bet with a new bookie.

This is only good news for those in African countries who do like to bet. More competition means that bookmakers will have to offer an even better service, bigger bonuses and much more. Players will be able to look around and take advantage of this, getting a great deal on their betting and one better than we see at the moment.

With mobile betting, you have a bookmaker in your pocket.

Look out for more local events to be added by bookmakers too – from cricket leagues to football, horse racing, rugby, and other sports that are popular in parts of Africa.

Mobile betting will continue to drive things forward too, and with better quality phones and stronger internet connections becoming readily available, more should be able to join in if they want to.

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