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Fish And Poultry Rake In Big Profits For Makueni Farming Lady

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Anne Ndunda, a resident of Makueni County, is reaping big in both poultry and fish farming. Achieving this in the arid climate has not been easy, and Ndunda says that her journey is fuelled by passion in farming.

With a starting capital of about 100 chicken, Ndunda’s farming business has significantly grown. Recalling her baby steps, Ndunda says her grandmother once offered her a chicken in 1995, igniting her love for chickens. Years later, she started the poultry business with 100 chicks – grew them and sold them at a profit. She has never looked back.

Ndunda uses both caged and free-range systems on her poultry farm. In the free-range method, she keeps the Kenbro breed, male and female, while she has 3,000 layers in cages.

At her poultry and fish farms Anne Ndunda has retained four casual workers. “You find that most of the farmers are giving up in poultry because of high mortality rates, but I rarely get any mortalities because I vaccinate them well,” Ndunda said in an interview with AIM Agriculture.

She clarified that it is important to give chicken enough water due to their large numbers and constant feeding. Her chicken stock consumes 5,000 litres of water in just five days, she added.

Yet water remains a big in Makueni. She buys water at Ksh3,000 for 5,000 litres weekly, which is very expensive. With chicken feed also costly, poultry farming in this region is not for the fainthearted.

Fish Farming

Ndunda mainly she keeps mud and cat fish. With an estimated population of 1,500 fish in her pond, Ndunda says it has been easy to manage and the numbers are growing. Currently, she spends between Ksh60,000 and Ksh70,000 to take care of them to maturity.

“They are not heavy feeders. They do not need any treatment, just closely observing them. Keeping fish is very easy. In fact, I have spent just Ksh60,000,” Ndunda says.

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