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Dingah to give taxis a run for their money with new app

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Dingah Logistics Company Ltd, a subsidiary of Vacation Kenya, has launched the first ever digital system in the world that will give the local taxi industry a run for their money.

The newly launched Dingah Lift system, seeks to target the low-end market. The recent announcement by Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko regulating the entry and pick of passengers within the CBD to curb traffic will see many people opting for taxi services. This becomes a challenge especially for the low-end market who will be interested in paying a maximum of Ksh 100.

With the system unveiled by Dingah, the fare is negotiated between the driver and the passenger. The driver chooses how much he wishes to be paid per seat, meaning he can carry four passengers and make more compared to the usual minimum charge of Ksh 200.

The new system does not only target PSV licenced taxis, but equally is open to the public, anyone who has a vehicle can offer a ride to anyone who is going the same direction as them. The security features put in place is a rating system where both the customers and the driver rate each other. As a passenger or driver willing to find or offer a ride you can see how the driver has been rated by others and that will inform you on whether to use the vehicle or carry the passenger.

Dingah CEO Steven Omolo believes the traffic menace will be cubed this way as neighbours and people working in the same area can now car pool, and the car owner can get fuel money for his effort depending with their agreement.

“The system is available in Kenya now and can be used all round the country even when it comes to long distance travel. Airport transfer shuttles and anyone interested just needs to download and log into Dingah app available both on Playstore and Appstore and choose the lift option, then proceed to offer services,” he said.

The other feature introduced on the same App is the digital mail delivery system where one can now have their mail collected and delivered on their behalf for a mere ksh.100 only. This is achieved by buying a Dingah stamp on the system giving you a code, being the only transaction cost. One only needs to create an address for their system which is automatically saved in the app directory accessible by anyone on Dingah system across the globe.

The same address is embedded to google maps enabling one trace the location of the business. It’s the first ever digital directory with links to the company’s website. Private individuals can make their address private and so their locations will be kept confidential and won’t be seen on the system apart from their name and address only.

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Dingah is rolling out a programme to place mail boxes around the city to enable the public to deposit their letters and courier. Letters are to be collected and delivered twice a day to all the addresses. Those who still believe in having physical stamps, Dingah is also going to have physical stamp codes being sold in various outlets across the country. There are negotiations currently ongoing in forming partnership to have long distance packages delivered across the globe.

This system goes step further making it easier for merchants who equally sell their products and services on Dingah system to have a stable and sure courier system for deliveries.

Dingah has created an ecosystem by having products such as airline ticketing with their partnership with Fly540, bus ticketing with various bus companies, an online medical consultation by having doctors, a Paediatrician, a gynaecologist; partnerships with insurance agents to enable their clients get insurance and service providers ranging from plumbers, electricians, phone repairs and alike. This makes Dingah the very first application that has managed to create a digital village with all services under one application.

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