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Digital marketing challenges hurting SMEs

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The internet has made it more efficient and effective for clients and traders to conduct business online.

In the modern online world, the high speed of technology and adoption presents unique challenges for businesses.

Below are four challenges businesses face online and how to deal with them.

Social Media management

There are several social media platforms that business use as their marketing tool. Having a defined social media strategy will make one’s brand stand out from other competitors.

It is very advisable to hire someone who stays in charge of social media, that ensure your business remains active and relevant online. They also respond to messages and make bookings for services to be done.

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Having an online presence and being dormant is a sure path for the business to fail in this digital world.

High traffic but low sales

Healthy numbers of clicks merged with an anemic conversion rate is one of the most common digital marketing problems that businesses face. It is frustrating to see many likes and reactions but no proportionate lift in sales.

The content of your online pages might be turning potential clients away. It is either the message is mixed and not direct to the point. Ensure that the title of your digital pages and the content marry to make easy navigation from consumers.

Increasing followers

The higher the number of followers you have, the wider your market base. This is why businesses try to engage with social pages that have huge followers to look for potential clients.

To increase the number of your followers, develop relationship with local and industry influencers.

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Limitation on social media platforms

Just because we have various social media platforms: Facebook, twitter, Instagram, Pinterest does not mean you should be on each one of them.

Consider what you are selling and where your target audience are. For instance, if you are selling accessories, facebook, Instagram can widen your cover base, If it is business LinkedIn and Google might help you connect with customers.




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Brenda Gamonde
Brenda Gamonde
Brenda Gamonde is reporter with Business Today. Email: [email protected]
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  1. Great Content! Thank you for sharing.
    I strongly agree with you, it is high time for businesses to leverage on the power of digital marketing. Any business can use digital platforms to reach it’s audience. However, online marketing is becoming increasingly competitive and thus having a robust digital marketing strategy is of significant value.


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