Terryanne Chebet to lead brand awareness for Molfix diapers.

Turkish consumer goods company Hayat Kimya has launched its operations in Kenya and introduced its Molfix baby diaper brand which will be promoted locally by TV  journalist Terryanne Jebet.

Hayat Kimya Global CEO Avni Kigili said the company targets to control half of Kenya’s diapers market in two years. “Kenya is a developing country, carrying a lot of potential, with her growing, young population, and strategic location for Central and East of Africa. Hayat would like to be part of this rapidly modernizing and developing country by offering brand quality and innovation with Molfix,” Mr Kigili said

Hayat Kimya is a subsidiary of Hayat Group, a $3 billion turnover Turkish conglomerate.

In Kenya, there are 3.5 million babies aged between 0-36 months, who also make up 7.3% of the population. On average, a mother uses four diapers a day on a baby making the annual diaper consumption in Kenya to nearly 800 million, according to research Hayat Kimya shared during launch event.

“We believe that everyone has the right to reach high quality products,” Mr Kigili said. Therefore, we offer high quality and affordability with our strong brands.”

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Hayat Kimya will set off operations iwith two varieties of the Molfix diapers; Molfix day and night diapers, and the Molfix baby pants priced from Ksh20.

During the launch, Hayat Kimya also unveiled Terryanne Chebet as its brand ambassador in Kenya. Ms Chebet, a former mainstream TV anchor and now the CEO of Fanaka TV, referred to the brands anti-leakage and high absorbency qualities as the reason she uses Molfix for her one year old baby girl, Talaa.

The former Citizen TV journalist has her own line of branded beauty products. The products include organic body and hair oils under the Keyara brand, which she founded  two years ago.

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