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Making the Future Public Service Bold and Proactive

Successful coping with rapid change will require most Public Service staff to adopt a new stance towards the future.

The Architectural Make-Up of Organisations

Many organizational structures have become faller as a measure of remaining competitive while some structures have grown complex.

How Business Can Thrive During the Corona Crisis

Analysts say there are businesses that will shut the doors forever while others will thrive during this time.

Dynamics of People and Their Effect on Organizational Behaviour

People make up the internal social system of an organization. The system consists of individuals and groups.

CEOs Acting For Too Long Isn’t a Cool Thing

The appointing authorities sleepover indecision until they are woken up by uproar from within and without the organization.

Managing Risk: If it is Not in Writing, it Really Does...

Government committee confirmed that Ksh1.7 billion of pending bills were ineligible, meaning no documents are presented or are irregular.

Secrets of Strategic Decision Making

Decision-making refers to making choices among alternative courses of action — which may also include inaction.

Power and Politics Not Too Dirty Stuff For Managers

Individuals who are highly motivated to secure and use power find a familiar and hospitable environment in business.

Strategic Tools Giving Organisations Edge Over Rivals

A performance management system overcomes the drawbacks of the traditional performance appraisal system by maintaining a futuristic approach.

Improving Public Sector Productivity

There are areas where government will want to ensure the quality and strength of outputs, such as education, health, and national defense.