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The Best IELTS Providers and Test Centres in Kenya

We are in an English-speaking world, and the more the years go by, the evolution and the revolution, the more that statement becomes increasingly...

Career Bootcamp Links Mid-Level Professionals With Jobs

Venture for Africa and Africa Product Peers are launching a career bootcamp for mid-level professionals in Africa.

Former HR Manager Earning Sh500,000 Monthly From Remote Jobs

Ms Lorraine Otieno, in a YouTube interview, encourages Kenyans to apply for remote jobs due to their flexibility.

Dress Code and Disciple Guide When Working From Home

As an office worker, you already have rituals which you take for granted until you are disrupted by unexpected changes. Working from home can be a challenge if not well organised.

Upskilling: 5 Ways to Remain Competitive in Your Career

It is not surprising that HR professionals are constantly upskilling either to remain competitive in their current roles or to pursue new opportunities.

Standard Chartered Bank Rolls Out Menopause Cover

Standard Chartered has rolled out wide-ranging changes to its employee benefits programme in line with its continued ambition to create a dynamic and attractive place to work.

Managing Employees With Different Terms of Employment

HR professionals are finding themselves managing a diverse mix of full-time employees, freelancers, contractors, and temporary workers.

5 Ways HR Professionals Can Advocate for Employees

Striking the right balance between advocating for employees and keeping a positive relationship with management can be a challenging endeavour for HR professionals.
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