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Boost Your Real Estate Business With These 5 Creative Video Ideas

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The consumption of video content is at an all-time high. Not having videos as part of your business plans could lead to a significant disadvantage. Using online tools such as an intro maker like this one, you can easily make videos in just a few minutes.

Merely having a video on your website gives you better searchability. With half the online bandwidth used by videos, the real estate market cannot be far behind.

Using videos to promote your real estate business is a wise choice, but it could be hard to get the ball rolling. Here are five video ideas to inspire you.

1. Around the Home Videos

When you sell a home, you do not just sell the brick and mortar structure; you also sell the experiences around that house. More often than not, the proximity to amenities and recreation is imperative to home buyers.

Create a collection of both long and short videos that highlight the neighborhood. These videos showcase the parks and fitness centres in the area, list of shopping destinations, schools, and medical facilities.

If you have more than one property for sale in the same area, these videos are mostly a one-time investment. They can be posted on social media as promotion and emailed to potential buyers to create a better impact on the decision making.

If the region has a specific attraction, place of heritage significance, or any other noteworthy landmarks — ensure you include it into the video. Also, consider adding proximity details about public transport access, groceries & essentials, and other useful resources.

Shoot these videos with the help of a professional to ensure the message is loud-and-clear. Use bold colours and text animations to highlight statistics and use cheerful music that fits the video’s tone.

2. Virtual Home Tour

Post the pandemic of 2020, this has become the most utilized real estate marketing strategy. Check out this guide to know more. A virtual tour is like an open-house but done through a live stream or a video conference. This practice allows home-buyers to view properties from the safety of their home.

This process will also reduce your personal interactions with a barrage of buyers and improve your open-homes’ efficiency. While individual tours are time-consuming, you can host more than one guest within hours with a virtual tour.

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Additionally, virtual home tours can be live-streamed at a fixed time each day. This way, potential clients can log into the stream and reduce your efforts down to a single session each day.

Carefully choreograph this tour before time to ensure there are no glitches in the live-stream. Also, set up the home in a presentable way with furniture and decor. Use a mix of artificial and natural light to ensure all the details are visible on the video.

3. About the Realtor

Online promotion and digital marketing are more about promoting a brand. The last two examples we discussed were product-centric, intended to drive sales, and not build an image. A video about the realtor or the firm is a great way to get acknowledged for your work.

These videos aim to gain eyeballs and spread the word about your superiority. Use this as an opportunity to put forth your unique selling proposition. These videos aim to highlight your firm’s achievements, awards, and landmark moments.

The realtor video must have people in them. Make this a personal message from the brand to the core-target-audience. Please keep it simple and authentic. If done right, this video can help consumers build trust in your work.

Alternately, if your brand has a long legacy or a remarkable story — that is definitely video-worthy. You can also use the art of storytelling to share your working process, your vision of the market, opinions on real-estate practices and policy, etc.

4. ‘What You Missed’ Videos

Want to do something out of the box? Here is a wonderful idea. We have all heard of the famous phrase “the heart desires what it cannot have,” this is a great way to build content and instigate emotional connections with your followers.

After selling a home, make an after-movie. These are films that cover the home sale, footage of new buyers moving in, and a shot of the newly acquired home. Seeing the fulfillment and the happy stories of other buyers is a great way to inspire new clients to take action.

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Some firms also approach their clients and create testimonial videos by asking users to share their home-buying experience. There is nothing more authentic than an endorsement from a genuine buyer.

5. Industry Explainer

This is one of the best styles of content creation, which has proven to provide exceptional results. Explainer videos are statistically proven to retain the audience and provide better leads-generation.

These are videos that explain insights about the real estate market. You can make them fun, interactive, and informative. Pick up a few topics each week and produce simple videos aimed to educate the home-buyers.

These videos will help establish an image of you and your brand as a subject-expert. These can be in the form of vlogs, education video formats, whiteboard videos, or animations. Even conversational podcasts with industry experts will keep people hooked to your work.

Since the research on these topics is readily available, making them into videos will take minimal effort and time. Ensure they are relevant to the region you sell and do not share any misinformation.

Final Thoughts

Making videos is half the battle. The other half is promoting them. Make sure your videos are compliant with the platform when you upload them. If you are looking to make social media videos, ensure they are the right dimensions and duration.

Research on the various size requirements for each platform and then make your video plans. Keep a posting calendar and never miss a publish date. The secret to video marketing is not a one-time effort. It’s a bank that builds over time.

Lastly, do not copy or make un-original content. Please keep it simple and only make videos that add value to your target audience. Videos used correctly can yield exceptional results for your brand, eventually leading to the best sales.

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