President Kibaki was caught up in the current spate of power outages in Nairobi when he was embarrassingly forced to halt his speech while opening a conference at the KICC yesterday.

A breeze of silence swept through the conference after the black out that occurred as the president was delivering his speech at the official opening of the 8th annual African Dairy Conference and Exhibition. Power was restored after a few minutes. Power also went off as he came to the conference hall, but the blackout lasted for barely a minute.

Later the president continued with his speech urging farmers to embrace technology to survive in the competitive dairy market. He cited the rebirth of New KCC as an encouragement for to small-scale dairy farmers.

The three-day conference, organised by Eastern and Southern Africa Dairy Association (ESADA) among other sponsors, brought together delegates and stakeholders in the dairy farming sector from across the continent. ESADA is an association of dairy stakeholders from Eastern and Southern Africa region. It was started by processors who saw a need to promote and market dairy products from a central point. It is also a source of information for farmers regarding the global market requirements.


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