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David Okundi is a communications student at Daystar University specialising in print media. He can be reached on email at: [email protected]

Daystar University closed indefinitely

On Wednesday night, police officers were sent to the Valley Road campus forcing some students to be hold up at the DAC Building as students were being forced to vacate the building

Ecobank unveils business club targeting SMEs

The Emerald Business Club will focus on bolstering intra-Africa trade leveraging on the Bank’s presence in 33 African markets enabling SMEs to leverage on Ecobank’s customer book

Beautician finds allure in hardware business

She decided to sell hardware products because she saw how business was booming in Kitengela, which is very true

Making pretty penny from cosmetics

Ladies should do their research well and know which products they want and how to identify original stuff

6 types of people you are likely to find at the...

When people with different personalities converge in one space it can be very exciting and dramatic for some but, strangely, works gets done effieciently

Bar owners back crackdown on illicit brews

Pubs and Restaurants Association of Kenya, however, calls on the national and county governments not to interfere with those undertaking legitimate business, singling out Kiambu Governor Ferdinand Waititu

7 Tricks on How to Get Rich At a Young Age

It is every individual's dream to become rich. Popular musician 50 debuted in 2003 with an album titled Get rich or die tryin. He was right.

How global warming in impacting on Kenyans

Due to damage of the Ozone layer, pollution becomes more rampant contaminating the air. This leads to illnesses such as asthma or even lung cancer

Three university students who are creating their own jobs

In Kenya, just as the world over, youth are three times more likely as adults to be unemployed but these three are turning that around