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6 types of people you are likely to find at the workplace

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There is a saying that goes, there is always a mad man in every market which is true and applies even to work places. When people with different personalities converge in one space it can be very exciting and dramatic for some. Just like in other places, there are different personalities that come into play to form a workplace.

Just like in any other place, there are often the loud people who make noise even on a gloomy Monday morning. These people often do not know how to keep their thoughts and opinions to themselves and their words at the end of the day ends up hurting others around them. Their main targets are often the quiet workmates who appear less threatening to them; they often play the role of a bully. When such people enter a room, their presence can be felt right away. However, it is easier to deal with these people by just ignoring them since most of them are often attention seekers.

The other type of person in a workplace is the quiet conserved person who normally has very little to say and has a small circle of friends. They are often picky on choosing friends and take a long time getting used to people. They are often critical thinkers and choose their words carefully before they speak. They often dislike loud and talkative people but are often very hardworking. The quieter people like keeping their opinion to themselves and are often afraid to share their ideas even though their points may be beneficial. Such people require a team bonding exercise to make them get used to their workmates and start opening up more.

In a workplace, there is always the late comer, these types of people are ever late come rain, come sunshine. They always have excuses on why they are late and that they will not repeat it again. In addition to being late they always get updated on events or duties to do late, though at times they are able to catch up.

The office clown is another type of person just like the class clown. These types of people are often jokers and like pulling pranks on others as a way of entertaining themselves and others especially in a stressful or an environment they find boring. These people might appear as jokers but this actually helps them do their work effectively and efficiently because it helps them relax and reduces their stress though it might be helpful for everyone or might not even work for everyone.

In any workplace, you can always find a neat freak who likes keeping his things well arranged and tidy and his work space clean and any type of dirt disgusts them. Even their clothing is always neat and they are always well dressed. These types of people do not like dirty places or disorganisation.

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In addition, let us not forget the bossy people who though at times are below your rank or even younger than you still boss you around. They would want you to do things as they say or do things for them whether you are their friend or not. These people can be very controlling and demanding. They do not take no easily for an answer.

However, strangely, when all these personalities come into play work gets done effectively and efficiently.  A lot can be accomplished when different personality traits come into play that is why many businesses have grown and reached where they are today.




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