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A dozen ways to get filthy rich from NASA-Jubilee campaigns

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Some people will sit down to have coffee and discuss politics during the election campaigns. However, this is the best time to make money from a lucrative event that comes only once in five years. Below are some ideas that can set you off going:

  1. Design and production

Consider venturing into a custom T-shirt design business. T-shirts and caps are commonly used for publicity during election campaigns. Aspirants for public offices have their pictures and names boldly printed on custom T-shirts and then distribute them to people free of charge. A t-shirt printing machine will cost between Ksh30,000 to Ksh80,000. This means that with a minimum capital of Ksh120,000 you are good to go. When choosing your machine, make sure you choose a universal machine that can print different materials of cloth. This is because most of these machines use heat technology and may cost you a lot if they damage some materials.

  1. Social Media Marketing

If you have a big following on social media and a creative content developer, then it is your time to make money. Social media is one of the most powerful tools available today for promoting causes and reaching out to a large audience. And this explains why politicians try to exploit social media during election campaigns. You can charge to promote candidates on your account or manager the candidates’ social media campaigns.

3.Graphic design

The appearance of posters and other campaign material speaks volumes to the voters. Every politician wants to be most appealing whenever his campaign material goes to the public. This presents unlimited opportunities to creative graphic designers. If you have strong design skills, then you can also tap from the money thrown around during the period by starting a graphic design business. This calls for a small investment in a good laptop/computer and a printer. A laptop will enable you to work from anywhere and make any necessary changes whenever a client requests so. Also equip yourself with a digital camera that can take photos and shoot promotional videos to be used during the campaign period.


Campaigns entail traveling to different geographical points to meet prospective voters. Sometimes the politicians have to move around with some technical teams. This presents a clear chance of a business opportunity. However, this needs you to have a commercial motor vehicle like a bus or a decent taxi, or even a car hire agent. If you cannot afford such vehicles, get in touch with travel agencies that can provide such services and pay you commission or you can be a transport outsourcing agent.

5.Public and media relations

If you are a PR practitioner, campaign period is no time to slumber. Approach and organize media interviews for aspirants at some fee.  If you have a lot of free time on your hands and enjoy going places, then you can make money by joining their campaign teams and following them to every place they visit while trying to communicate their ambitions to the people. You can even represent the politicians in some forums where they might not be able to go. You will also manage all formal communications concerning them and answer any queries on their behalf.

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6.Public address system

Every politician wants to be heard, loud and clear. If you have or can afford a decent public address system then you can use your potential by hiring the sound system to politicians for use during their campaigns. You can even add entertainment services for more income, e.g feejays. A good complete P.A system will cost you around Ksh180,000. Hired at Ksh3000 per day, it will earn you approximately Ksh90,000 per month.

7.Event management

This is an opportunity for those talented in organizing events. It will include securing venues, availing the required facilities on time, and preparing programmes. Sometimes it will go to an extend of being a master of ceremony to Mheshimiwa’s gatherings.

8.Branded water and snacks

You can start a simple bottling factory to have water branded according to political parties and aspirants. This will sell during political rallies, and sometimes the politicians will buy in bulk to display during interviews and public addresses. Sometime they might sign a contract with you for supplies. You can as well consider partnering with current manufacturers to avoid a hard landing after the election period, where you’ll lack consumers.

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9.Blogging and propaganda

Your writing skills and creativity, as it were, can earn you big during this election period. Politicians will pay bloggers and propagandists handsomely. This calls for political writers and bloggers who are abreast with current affairs. Your historical writing and impact to the political field will speak best for you. A basic website for blogging will cost you approximately Ksh15,000 to design. How well you write will determine the politicians you attract and the revenue you earn.

  1. Pollster and consultancy

Politicians want to gauge their efforts in order to regulate their expenditure. You can set up a consultancy firm that will conduct niche polls from time to time. This will attract politicians who want to improve their tactics to woo more voters to their side.

For you to start, you’ll need a vibrant team that can conduct polls on a weekly basis and publish them widely. You’ll also need to share the results individually with the candidates, who will then seek your consultancy services. This might cost you a fortune, but the results will surprise you.


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