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5 Reasons You are Better Off with More Female Employees

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According to statistics, Sub-Saharan Africa is losing about $94 billion yearly due to lack of 50:50 gender role in workplaces. Therefore, an organization that has fewer women is missing out on the talent pool and financial performance.

Companies that have the highest representation of women in the work setting, for example, Safaricom, financially outperform those with the lowest presentation of female employees. Currently, women make up to 41% of paid workers outside of agriculture, compared to 35 percent in 1990.

Here are five reasons to hire more women workers in your organization.

1. The greater the diversity, the more the revenue

A 2014 study by Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) on Work Place Diversity stated that when offices are split evenly along gender lines, revenue can increase by as much as 41 percent. The reason to have great diversity and inclusion is, you will attract more employees who bring new and innovative ideas.

An organization that has diverse teams that include ages, gender make better decisions about 87 percent of the time.

2. Women learn better

Girls, since childhood, learn and perform better than boys in school environments. According to research, Why Girls do Better in School, which was conducted at the University of Georgia and Columbia, girls are endowed with a set of traits that go beyond the domain of cognitive performance (attention and memory).

In other words, girls, young and mature women present higher levels of learning, eagerness, task persistence, learning independence, better work organization, flexibility and engagement with the topics learned.

Women are better employees since they have a pro-active approach towards learning and being better at organizing as they understand the tasks at hand faster.

3. Women are better communicators

Emotional intelligence, empathy, and communication skills are key pillars of a good business and conscious capitalism. Women do show high levels of these traits, thus making them not only better employees but also better managers.

Have you ever wondered why major companies turn women in flag carriers when it comes to sales, negotiations, PR, inter-department relationships and so on?

A study done by the University of Wester Ontario revealed that women can better handle interview stress, an indicator that they are more efficient in workplace stress management.

4. Women make an organization a better place to work

Having more female employees predicts more job satisfaction, organizational dedication, more meaningful work, and less burnout. More women in the workplace also positively related to employee engagement and retention.

Employers from organizations with more women have cited positive and meaningful organizational culture including; enjoyable work, opportunities to make a difference and a job that fits well with other areas of their lives.

5. Women are more involved as employees and leaders

Due to their nature as female gender, women are far better promoters of workplace engagement. They encourage both the professional and personal development of their co-workers and even their superiors. Therefore, women’s higher engagement levels often lead to higher performing teams.

Female employees working for a female manager are the most engaged workers of all workforce groups. Regardless of common prejudgement, companies dominated by the female workforce do better in terms of growth both internally and externally. 

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Brenda Gamonde
Brenda Gamonde
Brenda Gamonde is reporter with Business Today. Email: [email protected]
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  1. Yes and sometimes they are usually melodramatic at home and they tend to bring that energy at work. They have to work on that at least.

  2. Here’s the big problem with so many of these blogs trying to get male promoters to hire and promote women is piling on one great quality after another that women have as leaders and employes that it is promoting the superiority of women. Now these bloggers are asking men to as a gender cut their own throats. No promoter is going to promote people or hire people that are superior to themselves for fear of losing their own position to the superior females they promoted. The more data shows women better employees and leaders the less likely it is that males will promote females.Its called self presevation.

    Instead of trying to publish data showing females are so superior to males abetter would be to do what sevral nations have done which is they passed a law that promoted parity by making it a law that every organization must have a goal to have parity between the genders in leadership. This law doesn’t intimadate male promoters nor is it something that leads to women becoming dominant. Neither gender is dominant in a nation that acquires parity The results so far is that no nation has achieved parity in leadership but those nations that passed the law saying they have to have a goal to achieve parity have made great strides and are closing the gender gap.

    Most importantly both genders seem to be happy with the results so far and their GDP have all increased.
    It shouldn’t be surprising because both genders have qualities that are stronger in those areas where the other gender is weaker. Thus the strengrhs of each gender is compensating for the weaknesses in the other.

    Lets hear it for America a Parity nation


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