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Why Women Make Better Investors Than Men

While many may look at women as the weaker sex, female investors actually capture stronger rates of return than their male counterparts.

7 Things To Do When a Woman Is Emotionally Detached From You

Most men are usually lost when it comes to dealing with a recoiled wife. Men have such fragile feet when it comes to walking on eggshells. Many choose to stay out in the bar, run away, than confront the problem.

Why Women Lose Interest — It’s Two Things

When I first started dating, I believed attraction was an art. A beautiful mosaic that two people painted together, each with their unique brush strokes and favorite hues. I still believe this to some degree. It’s two intricate, complex humans coming together to create...

Free Meals Breaking Men’s Hearts as Women Prowl

Research says women who believe in traditional gender roles that men should be breadwinners were more likely to make 'foodie calls'.

More Than 100 Years Needed to Close Gender Gap in Corporate World

Businesses have been urged to have a well looked after their workforces so as to avoid having to choose between human rights and development.   Speaking during the Making Global Goals Local Business Forum (MGGLB) Professor Githu Muigai said that the entry of women into the...

5 Reasons You are Better Off with More Female Employees

According to statistics, Sub-Saharan Africa is losing about $94 billion yearly due to lack of 50:50 gender role in workplaces. Therefore, an organization that has fewer women is missing out on the talent pool and financial performance. Companies that have the highest representation of women...