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5 Big Wins for KDF Veterans, Families in New Law

The new law promises major benefits for Kenya's military veterans and their families

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President Uhuru Kenyatta on Wednesday, June 15 signed the Mílitary Veterans Bill, 2022 into law ushering in a new framework that promises major benefits for Kenya’s veterans and their families.

A Kenyan citizen considered a veteran  under the act is; a Kenyan citizen who has served in the Kenya Defence Forces (KDF), became a member of the forces after 1963 or served in the King’s African Rífles (KAR) before 1963, has completed service in the Forces or KDF, receives a pension from the Forces or KDF and has not been dishonorably discharged from service.

The Act establishes a regulatory and institutional framework for the management of  veterans’ affairs. Here, Business Today looks at 5 key highlights from the new law.

Provision of Benefits for Veterans

A number of benefits may be conferred to  veterans under the new law. Among them is  counselling and treatment for post-traumatíc stress and related conditions as well as physical rehábilitation for any condition arising out of  service.

Another key benefit veterans will be entitled to is educatíon, training and skills development as well as facilitation and advice on employment placement. They will also get facilitation and advice on business opportunities. These benefits are intended to help veterans continue to be productive members of society even after their  service.

Benefits for veterans dependants (spouse and children) include facilitation or assistance in educatíon placement for veterans’ children and facilitation or advice on employment placement and business opportunities. Another benefit for dependants is counselling and treatment for post-traumatic stress or related conditions.

Another provision under the benefits is honoring and memorializing of fallen veterans.

Special Benefits for Disabled Veterans

Under the law, veterans who suffer from physical or mental disability arising from their service shall be given special benefits.

Dependants Educatíon Fund

The establishment of the Dependants Educatíon  Fund is one of the biggest wins for veterans and their families under the new law. The fund will provide scholarships for the educatíon of the children of veterans, deceased members of the KDF and deceased veterans.

The Defence Council shall prescribe regulations for processing applications for scholarships from the fund.

Defence Forces Retirement Home

Under the new law, a retirement home known as the Defence Forces Retirement Home will be established to provide residential and related services to veterans.

Regulations on matters including persons eligible to stay at the home and the services offered will be determined by the Defence Council.

Defence Council and Advisory Committee

Under the new law, the Defence Council will be tasked with developing a policy on veterans as well as considering proposals by the Cabinet Secretary, the Chief of Defence Forces or the Director of Milítary Veterans regarding the policy on funding and budgeting in connection with the veterans’ affairs.

The act also establishes the advisory committee on veterans to advise and make recommendations to the Defence Council, Cabinet Secretary or Director of Veterans on any matter relating to the  veterans or their dependants.

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Martin K.N Siele is the Content Lead at Business Today. He is also a Quartz contributor and a 2021 Baraza Media Lab-Fringe Graph Data Storytelling Fellow. Passionate about digital media, sports and entertainment, Siele also founded Loud.co.ke
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Kelvin Murigi Muiruri

Sure it’s a win big win thank you The Commander in Chief of the armed forces for this. And #businesstoday.co.ke

Collins Billy Okome

That’s a big plus for citizens who put their necks on the line for the protection of fellow citizens and defence of their Country. Kenya is progressing into a Social-Economic maturity that only compares with the FIRST World.

peter kinyoki

It’s a big win…but if Medical could have also been considered, it could be a bigger win, a lot more better.