[dropcap]I[/dropcap]f you are my age-mate or older that me (40’s) and you are still hanging around a mainstream newsroom in Kenya, swinging that chair and earning over 150,000, you have overstayed my brother and sister.

At this point in time, your mind should have worked out or be working out on another career that will not require you to serve under a specific employer or even set age limit. It may earn you less or even more than what you are getting but its worth it.

And it doesn’t matter at which level you are. Your employer knows that a salary of 200,000 can employ four other youngsters who will do four times what you do.

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But I can tell you this for free: if you are good at something and committed and have a passion for it, Kenyans are very good employers. And I mean all Kenyans, not a specific person or company.

For example, if you grow sukuma wiki with passion and commitment, Kenyans will come for them wherever they will be and and you dictate the price. Likewise if you are a good doctor or a good lawyer clients will always be in touch.

Ask me why I queue in this barber shop in Kitengela. Because the guy is good. He doesn’t hurt my head and he observes hygiene and is quick. And no one will ever tell him to retire.

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  1. it doesn’t work that way, it depends on what you are made of. How come Phillip ochieng still works and he is over 60, what about Larry king, over 75 yrs ,journalists are born. wahome maybe a trained lawyer cum journalist but can you compare his work with that of macharia gaitho? there is a breed of writers who have invaded newsroom with college certificates and earn big money because the human resource has no idea what a good journalist is. other journalist are employed because of bussiness acumen see Tom Mshindi? a journalist is a lifetime journalist, money aside . this ones who go a certificate in law , oooh marketing oooh PR they drop along the way at 40 years


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