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KEPSA Adds Its Voice to Homeboyz Radio Saga

"As such, the use of derogatory language on both mainstream and social media that supports the acts of GBV and condemning the victims is unacceptable. It is possible to maintain decency and respect in a democratic space where freedom of speech is encouraged. We should ensure accountability and uphold professionalism and respect for human dignity," Kepsa noted.

AU Secures 400 Million Vaccine Doses for Member States

The direct acquisition of vaccines by the African countries through the AVATT initiative is part of the continental objective to achieve a minimum of 60% immunization of the African population, in order to eliminate COVID-19.

HELB Opposes Bid to Protect Jobless Graduates from Hefty Fines

The proposals by Igembe South MP Paul Mwirigi would see beneficiaries of the student loans protected from paying fines until they secure employment. At present, beneficiaries are required to start paying the loans one year after graduation.

NCBA Proposes Ksh1.50 Dividend Even as Profit Falls 42%

The merged bank recorded profit after tax of Ksh4.57 billion for the year ended December 31, 2020 down from Ksh7.8 billion in 2019. Like all other tier-one lenders, the situation was down to the tough operating environment in 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Kenyan Banking Start-Up Tanda Goes Regional After Securing Funding

The growth comes on the back of successfully pioneering and proving the viability of the interoperable agent and merchant model in Kenya, a model that has only been validated in West Africa before Tanda.

Odibets Jackpot: Seven Kenyans Become Overnight Millionaires

Early this week, seven Kenyans became overnight millionaires’ courtesy of the Odibets Jackpot. The seven betting fanatics had placed their bets on the Odibets...

KRA Seizes Over 25,000 Fake Excise Stamps at Nairobi Water Plant

During the raid, KRA officers seized 49 cases of bottled water affixed with counterfeit excise stamps and rolls of counterfeit excise stamps.. The possession or use of fake excise stamps is illegal under the Excise Duty Act, 2015 and the Excise Duty (Excisable Goods Management System) Regulations, 2017.

Mama Sarah Obama Dies in Hospital

She had been admitted to the hospital on the morning of Sunday 28th March 2021. The family is making arrangements to have her buried today (Monday, 29th March 2019) at the Muslim Cemetery in Kisumu.

Pandemic Pushes Equity Profits Down to Ksh19 Billion for 2020 FY

The situation was largely attributed to the pandemic - as evidenced by the massive increase in loan loss provisions from Ksh5.6 billion in 2019 to Ksh26.63 billion last year. The spike drove a significant increase in the firm's operating expenses from Ksh44 billion in 2019 to Ksh72.6 billion in 2020.

Loophole or Greed? Insurers Slap Kenyans With New Curfew Rules

The rules are bound to affect numerous livelihoods, but one thing most did not consider is the implications of the address on their insurance agreements particularly for those with vehicle insurance covers against accidents and other occurrences.