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10 Interesting Ways Kenyan Women Use Smartphones

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The top three uses, according to HMD Global research, show that women are using their smartphones first to take pictures followed closely by banking and lastly online shopping.

Today, more than ever, women want to be their most authentic selves. Whether it’s embracing their natural bodies, refuting the need to be “likable,” or considering the possibility that maybe no one truly has it all — women are tired of being manipulated to fit a mold that is shaped by brands and not by them.

All over the world women are creating, designing, and innovating to make better lives for themselves, their families and their communities. Women are building a bridge of equality; connecting to others and creating more prosperous and fulfilling work.

They are turning a digital tide fast dominating the pre-male dominated technology industry. As more women change their attitudes toward technology the world propels itself further and all this magic is starting in the palm of their hands – in their cellphones.

We look at how women everywhere continue to hit the lights out with a little help from technology.

Like all good things, there is a time and a place for everything, and these are a few places that all ladies agree to be a no cellphone zone:   When driving and during family time (holidays, dinner, dates).

HMD Global, the home of Nokia phones, celebrates women as they use their phones to access services easily enabling them to meet their needs and balance the different aspects of life. With Nokia Smartphones your smartphone experience can only get better.

Women are using smartphones to complement their everyday tasks. The Infographic attached and below, deloped by HMD, gives more insight.

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