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Video: Miguna Miguna arrested in dramatic storm

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Self-declared National Resistance Movement (NRM) General Miguna Miguna was arrested today morning, shortly after he raised the alarm on a police raid at his home. Police sources confirmed he was taken to Kiambu Police Station, but later driven off to an unknown destination.

Mr Miguna had earlier alerted a Nation editor that police had stormed his home early morning and ransacked it. The feisty lawyer, who played a key role in the ‘swearing in’ of Nasa leader Raila Odinga on Tuesday at Uhuru Park in Nairobi, confirmed the raid in a text message at 7.15am Friday.

“The police have bombed their way into my house. I can’t speak on the phone right now. They have ransacked the house!!” he said. “Some are still hiding in the compound and my house hoping that I make a move so that they can shoot me and claim that there was a ‘shootout!’ I’m staying put!”

When the Nation arrived at the home, it was calm and there was little activity going on. But two officers stationed at the gate kept reporters out of the compound. Neighbours said several cars were at Mr Miguna’s residence at 6am, but the vehicles later left.

Police arrived when reporters were outside the home. Mr Miguna’s supporters had also started gathering outside the home, and about five minutes later police fired teargas to disperse them.

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The supporters ran and watched from a distance as police cars sped off from the compound with their sirens blaring. The supporters faulted police for arresting Mr Miguna and said he was not in the wrong. After the officers left the home, reporters were able to get it. There was no sign of Mr Miguna and no one else was in the home.

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