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These games typically provide players with the opportunity to win some financial prizes, thus making them more appealing than traditional forms of games.

Kenya has become an incredibly important market within Africa with regard to the online social games industry. There is huge growth potential for the sector. Indeed, many Kenyans have a passion for gaming, especially when it comes to social games as it means they can play with their friends and family.

These include many different types of games, such as social casino games. With the emergence of online platforms, including the Betway casino platform, citizens of this African country are now enjoying the social aspect of gaming.

They are also now able to try and further enhance any session that they participate in by getting the opportunity of being financially rewarded.

This is perhaps why it is no surprise to learn that the market value of Kenya’s online social games industry continues to rapidly increase and grow at an exponential rate.

What was the market once worth and how much is it expected to be in the future?

When taking a look at the market figures for the online social games sector in Kenya, it is truly astounding to see how much growth has taken place over the last eight years or so, as well as the expectations and predictions that have been made for the immediate future.

According to data collected, it was found the market was worth approximately $5.8 million in 2014 and has continued to climb at a steady rate. It was predicted to be worth around $50 million in 2022, with it expected to have a value of $55 million in 2023, thus highlighting the rate of growth that has been experienced in less than a decade.

Why has the market been able to grow exponentially?

There are a variety of different factors that will have significantly played a role in making sure the market has managed to boom as much as it has, with much of it due to the advancements and innovations of technology that will have been experienced in the nation.

Indeed, players are now able to benefit from greater internet services and are able to access them wherever they are, thus allowing them to connect to platforms such as Betway, where they are able to enjoy their favorite games from any of their preferred devices.

Naturally, these devices have also since become subsequently cheaper to acquire and obtain as technology has allowed them to become more accessible, as players are now able to enjoy their favorite online social games whenever they want and wherever in Kenya they may be.

Moreover, these games typically provide players with the opportunity to win some financial prizes, thus making these games more appealing than traditional forms of games.

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Lastly, another contributing factor to the rapid rise of the Kenyan online social games market will be down to the fact that more and more gamers are starting to enjoy these types of games compared to the numbers that may have initially enjoyed them in the past.

Players want to be able to game with their friends and family as they compete against each other whilst also enjoying a more sociable experience and one that can breed a little healthy competitive rivalry among each other.

Final Thoughts

It is clear to see that the Kenya online social games industry is one that continues to experience a huge amount of growth and it would not be a surprise if we were to see it continue to climb in regard to value in the years beyond 2023, either.

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