Internet connectivity in the area is set to increase.

Telkom has entered into a partnership with the Kisumu County Government to lay a Sh 54 million high speed metro fibre optic network in the lakeside city.

The 12.4-kilometre metro network will cover the Central Business District, Milimani, Kondele, Kibos, Kicomi area and Migosi Junction.

Kisumu County Executive in charge Information, Communication and Technology Michael Onyango said the state-of- the- art fibre network was the first step towards transforming Kisumu into a Smart City.

This, he said, will make Kisumu a business outsourcing hub as it enhances access to high speed internet for online workers and businessmen.

The County government, in collaboration with the national government, he said, has already trained youths under the AJIRA Digital Programme whom he advised to take advantage of the new development to source for online jobs.

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Internet connectivity in the area, he said, is set to increase further since the national government plans to set up Constituency Innovative Hubs which will be equipped with Wi-Fi connection.

He advised area residents to embrace the use of mobile phones to access quality and reliable information through the internet at the same time source for work online.

The CEC faulted the perception that digital skills or online jobs are only for the well educated or the middle class.

“Anyone with a mobile phone can improve their skills and create enterprises that help them enhance their economic prospects,” said Onyango.

He, however, called upon the private sector to invest more in ICT, especially in the rural areas where accessing internet is expensive.


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