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Plan to Fight Terrorism Births Rhino Sanctuary

Proceeds of illegal wildlife trade were believed to be used to fund the radicalisation and militarisation

Cushioning Loved Ones and Assets Against Terrorism

Businesses, property, construction, motor vehicles and your medical insurance can all be catered for under the political violence and terror covers.

FBI arrests three Kenyan-born US citizens over ISIS ties

Agents arrested one of the three, Muse Muse at Gerald R. Ford Airport in Grand Rapids on Monday, when he was about to take a series of flights that would have eventually landed him in Mogadishu

Technology snarling up war on terror, DCI chief says

George Kinoti, however, says they are actually matching the terrorists in matters technology and that is the reason terror attacks have been foiled

Lest we forget monstrosity that introduced Osama to the world 20 years ago

Bin Laden’s charge was no revolutionary fight for freedom as his Palestinian question or the jingoistic Persian purity was designed to make us believe

Al Shabaab burn hostage as KDF soldiers rescue injured PS

A Toyota Prado together with its six occupants that had been taken hostage by suspected Al Shabaab militants at Milihoi area on the Lamu-Mpeketoni highway, has been recovered by Kenya Defense Forces. Police say the vehicle was carrying Public Works Principal Secretary Maryam Elmaawy, who...