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Smallholder Tea Farmers to Receive Ksh734M KTDA Dividend From Factories

This dividend payment to farmers in 2021 is over and above what they earn as monthly or initial payment and is bound to give them a significant financial boost, especially now when the Covid-19 pandemic has disrupted most socio-economic activities.

Tea Farmers Take Charge Through KTDA Elections

The President recognized the need for the realignment of KTDA in favor of small scale farmers directed the Attorney General to conduct an inquiry into a conflict of interest in KTDA and sets limit for  KTDA directors and chairmen.

KTDA to Pay Tea Farmers 5 More Shillings

The inquiry will look into the alleged statutory and regulatory compliance breaches allegedly committed by KTDA and its directors, including potential price and auction manipulation, abuse of dominance, insider trading, wastefulness and breach of directors' fiduciary duties.

KTDA Lines Up Sh649 Million Dividend For Smallholder Tea Farmers

KTDA has been under the spot for failing to pay farmers their dues

Tea Lobby Fronts Further Measures to Protect Farmers From Cartels

Lobby wants forensic audit of KTDA and its subsidiaries since 2000 upto date

Tea Farmers Lost Billions at Imperial and Chase Banks

This unscrupulous practice saw farmers lose Ksh 4.6 billion placed as deposits in Imperial Bank and Chase Bank