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Pamela Sittoni: Soft-Spoken Journalist Who Keeps Shattering Glass Ceilings

For Pamela Sittoni, journalism just flows. If you woke her up in the middle of the night, she would easily write a news story without missing a thing.

Big Names Moved As Standard Group Reorganises Its Newsroom

The Standard Media Group (SMG) has announced changes in its newsroom in a restructuring move that will see big names in the editorial department...

In Battle For Media Talent, Small Players Likely To Feel More Pain

With most journalists falling for the glamour and less-stressful careers in government and the corporate world, there are certainly fewer good journalists to go round the industry. Yet in an industry where employer loyalty is a rare commodity, there’s no price for guessing the journalists who are likely to change their media brands.

Turmoil as Standard Slaps Its Journalists With Social Media Gag

Standard journalists barred from taking sides in "controversial subjects" on social media as media house drafts guidelines for its editorial staff

Standard Issues Another Redundancy Notice After April Pay Cut

The company announced pay cuts early April but it will now be moving ahead to declare some employees redundant

Interesting Trends in Newspaper Readership in Kenya

As print dwindles, online media appears to be growing, edging out magazines and newspapers and eating more into their audience.

Tony Ngare, journalist who died in air crash, mourned as defender of media freedom

Former Standard senior writer at The Standard, who was among 32 Kenyans who perished when a Boeing 737 Max 8 came down on Sunday...

List of degree courses rejected and the universities

The Commission for University Education (CUE) has rejected 133 courses offered in more than 20 Kenyan universities for being useless, shallow in scope, and...

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Whipped and Stripped! A Survivor’s Tale of Harrowing Brutality in a Mental Hospital

The lack of a long-term vision and inadequate resourcing of mental hospital infrastructures continues to take a toll on Kenya’s mentally ill patients.

Dubai Agency Picks Top Influencer Marketers to Lead Kenyan Operation

This strategic move is in line with indaHash vision to cement its presence in Africa, following its impactful footprint in South Africa since 2017 and successful collaborations with clients like the South African Tourism Board.

SportPesa to reward Customers in Cash-Filled Festive Promotion

Running from December 4th to 25th, the SportPesa campaign promises daily excitement with six lucky winners expected to walk away with Ksh5,000 daily.

Captain William Ruto: President’s Namesake With a Decorated Career

Captain William Kipkemboi Ruto is officially known by the name William Ruto, which also happens to be President William Samoei Ruto’s official name.

Amazing Origin of ‘Pesa’ and How Shilling Overtook Foreign Currencies

With the establishment of individual Central Banks for the three East African countries, Kenya began printing and minting its own shilling currency notes under the mandate given to the Central Bank of Kenya in 19676.