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What Kenyans and Jubilee Have Missed in Failed Stadia Promise

A lot of things would have been different right now if the Jubilee government prioritised fulfilling the stadia promise to building the SGR.

Kwaheri Mzee Moi: The Official Memorial Service Programme

Moi's journey, from an orphan boy tending goats in Kabartonjo to State House, is a testament of what can be achieved through determination, hard work and the guiding hand of the Almighty

Kenya’s Sports Sector is Politicians’ Playground

Kenya's next general elections are over two years away but the political scene is as active as it has always been for over a decade now. While it is clear that Kenyans love politics, the politicians also love playing the game. In the game...

Nyayo National Stadium renovation to be completed by March

Sports Principal Secretary Peter Kaberia says the government is ready to support the national team by providing it with all the necessary resources